I Love…..

Happy Friday!

I have an activity for all you lovely curvy ladies out there or for anyone learning to self-love. Name a part of your body you love and why; you can list more than one!

Here’s my list:

  • I love my hands because they can hold everything I hold most precious in my heart.
  • I love my eyes because they are big, bright and beautiful. They are the windows to my soul. Their hazel colour comes from my Dad so I feel like I’ll always have a visible piece of him. They help me see the good in this world.
  • I love my lips because they are full and look fabulous with my favourite lipstick colours.
  • I love my hair because it shows the world the fun, quirky, trendy side of my personality.
  • I love my legs because they still hold me up and get me from where I am to where I want to go.
  • I love my mind because it is creative and smart.
  • I love my heart because it keeps on ticking and it is the center of all my love for my friends and family.
  • I love my feet because they are small and cute, lol!
  • I love my personality, the good, bad and the ugly. I’m a sentimental person whose emotions are very close to the surface. I cry easily when something touches me but I’m also quick to anger and frustration. I’m working on taming that down. I’m a compassionate person always quick to help a friend in need. I’m a loving person passionately caring for my daughter and husband and quick to stand between them and anyone who hurts them. I’m a supportive sister, a loving daughter and kind neighbour. I care deeply for the plus size community of women I’m trying to help.
  • I love my smile because it is warm and inviting. It tells people how very happy I am to see them.
  • I love my body because it brought a beautiful baby girl into this world. My life would not be complete without her.
  • I love my arms because they can embrace and hold on tight to the people I love.
  • I love my nose because it reminds me of my Mother’s side of the family. Everyone used to say my profile was the same as my Mother’s brother.
  • I love my fingers because they look pretty with nails painted and wearing sparkly rings.

There’s my list, what’s yours?

You’d be surprised at the number of things you can think of that you love about yourself. Focus on that and the negative will soon become nonexistent!

Have a great weekend spending it being Pretty, Plus and Proud!


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