The Other Women In My Life!

I’ve done posts on two remarkable women who have influenced my life; my mother and my sister. I would be doing an injustice however if I didn’t pay tribute to the other women in my life who also inspire, encourage and support me everyday on every path I journey.

I am fortunate to have three wonderful sister in-laws who in each way have had an impact on how I live my life. I won’t mention names so as not to attract unwanted attention to them but my descriptions will clearly tell them who they are.

Sister in-law #1 (not putting them in any particular order) – This is a woman of incredible strength. Sadly her first marriage was difficult and she pretty much single-handedly raised two children all the while working full-time, managing a home, helping to care for elderly parents, volunteering, hosting family celebrations all this with an ever cheerful face and easy laugh! Thankfully now in her second marriage she is enjoying the love and attention she deserves. She has shown me how to be strong in difficult situations, how to always look at the bright side of things, how there’s a song for every occasion and how to always put family first. 

Sister in-law #2 – Caring for other people is always first and foremost in this woman’s mind. She lovingly cared for her mother and now cares for her father as if she were born to be a nurse (she’s not but should have been). She always thinks of others and how to make their day brighter and more cheerful from bringing homemade treats to the nurses at the hospital, birthday surprises to co-workers, or staying up all night with a crying newborn niece so the exhausted parents could enjoy a night of rest. She’s an amazing cook and hostess creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for family gatherings. She has taught me the importance of showing others how much you appreciate them, how caring for your elderly parents is a privilege not to be taken lightly and the creation of a welcoming home is so that others may enjoy your company not for selfishly keeping it to yourself. 

Sister in-law #3 – I admire this lady for her amazing musical talent. Surely anyone who can share music as she does gives all of us a very precious gift. She’s an accomplished and inspiring teacher who influences young minds in the most positive of ways. She’s also an influential business woman helping a little apple orchard grow into an award-winning enterprise. She along with her husband, has raised three beautiful, smart, lovely, young women. She has been my shoulder to cry on at the time of my mother’s passing. She has taught me how to be a better mother; one who listens to her child rather than just doling out my own opinion. She too has shown me the importance of devotion to family as surely there is nothing else more important. I hope she forgives me for saying this but I rather look at her as my wiser, older sister.

As a plus size woman having a caring, forgiving, encouraging and supportive fan base is vital to developing and maintaining a positive body image and self-esteem. In their own way these women have indeed given me the tools I need to face each day with courage and optimism (some days more challenging than others but hey, everyone has a bad day every now and then). While we may not always agree on things or communicate as effectively or as frequently as we should I hope this post lets them know how very much they are loved and appreciated. 

They help me to get up each morning feeling Pretty, Plus and Proud.

Who are the influences in your life?


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