Sisterly Love

I’ve written about my Mother’s influence in my life, now it’s my sister’s turn.

My sister is four years younger than me and I’m honoured to say she’s also my friend. My Mom told me that when she first brought my sister home as a newborn I wanted to dress her up and push her around in my doll carriage. As children we played together constantly, usually Barbie being our choice of toy. We’d set the Barbie houses up on Friday after school and play until Sunday night, having to clean up until the next weekend. Sometimes we’d play school, setting our dolls and teddy bears up in rows on our twin beds in the bedroom we shared. We had a chalkboard on a stand and drew a line down the middle, one side being for my class and the other side my sister’s class.

Christmas Eve we’d stay up all night listening for Santa downstairs. Then early in the morning we’d race downstairs hoping to beat our brother to the pile of Christmas loot.

We’d have our fights too usually solved by lying on our backs and kicking each other, legs in the air, until one of us cried (usually her). Then we’d tearfully make up promising not to tell Mom on each other.

My sister recalls me as being the bossy older sister but I say I was just exhibiting good leadership skills making sure she didn’t stray off the path too far. It was my job as older sister to look out for her after all. I took my job very seriously.

Now as adult women I have to say how proud I am of her! She is a woman of great strength. She cared for our Mom when she was sick often taking time away from work for doctor’s appointments and other caregiver responsibilities. She continues to be a pillar of strength for our dad as he deals with dementia, a move to a nursing home and the sale of the family home.  She’s hard-working, smart and beautiful inside and out. She knows how to stand up for and speak up for herself. In this way she reminds me of my mother. She’s anything but plus size (ok, I’ll admit sometimes I’m envious of her figure) but she’s always seen my beauty in the body I have. She supports me in whatever I want to do. She’s creative and talented in so many ways and her projects, accomplishments and interests inspire me to try new things and pursue my dreams.

I know her many friends would agree with me when I say she’s always there when you need her. She volunteers her time with charities demonstrating the importance of giving of yourself to your community. 

I have her back and I know she has mine! We still have our occasional arguments but we know that we’ll always find our way back to each other with love, understanding and patience. Some day we’ll be little old ladies together reminiscing about our younger days, laughing and shedding a few tears too.

I’m blessed to have her and I know that no matter where we go or what direction our lives take us we’ll never be alone; we’ll always have each other!

Do you have a sibling? Maybe you have a sister or brother not by blood but by choice; soul siblings I like to call them. They can be just as special and important in someone’s life. I’d like to hear about it! Kindly leave your comments below.

Thanks for reading and continue to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


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