What Really Happens When We Diet – Part 2

I’m sure most of us have tried to diet in many of the following ways:

  • skipping meals/reducing calories
  • cutting out starchy foods
  • cutting out protein
  • going on commercial diet plans
  • fasting

Instead of losing weight long term or permanently this is what really happens:

  • our body actually stores the fat, holding on to it because it goes into starvation mode
  • when we skip meals we suffer poor attention span, we become irritable and fatigued
  • we may lose muscle mass
  • risk iron deficiency
  • your body may crave high fat, high sugar snacks in between meals if meals are not sufficient to sustain you throughout the day
  • diets have been proven not to work long term with 95% regain of weight within 1 to 2 years after the loss
  • when on a “plan” you give control to the plan thus lowering self esteem
  • habits may change but usually only temporarily
  • diet plans are often expensive
  • most of weight loss is water when fasting
  • fasting and other plans not medically supervised may be dangerous to your health

So my plus size beauties, more reasons to love yourself as you are! As I said in yesterday’s post if you are concerned about your weight for real health issues then discuss these concerns with medical professionals; your doctor, dietician or nutritionist not a store front diet clinic. By talking to a medical professional you’re ensuring long term health success. Let me also repeat from yesterday’s post; just because you have curves does not mean you are unhealthy. No one, not a neighbour, friend or family member can tell you otherwise. Only your doctor can diagnose the state of your health so don’t let magazine articles, TV commercials, billboards or unkind people determine how you feel about yourself inside or out. 

Diets restrict enjoyment from food. Eating becomes a chore and/or obsession. Such behaviour can lead to eating disorders. I say it’s all good in moderation. Food should not control you; you control the food and if that means you want to enjoy an ice cream on a hot summer’s day then go for it! You want some popcorn at the movies then get some. If someone has a negative opinion about that tell them to mind their own business and then ask them to get you extra butter on that popcorn!

As always, Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


4 thoughts on “What Really Happens When We Diet – Part 2

  1. Codie says:

    This is soooo true! I’ve known people who have done these exact things and wonder why they’re not losing weight or are not healthy.


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