What To Do With A Bad Mood

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Now for my tale of woe! I was so looking forward to my weekend with date night and all but alas a bad mood got the best of me.

The trailer needed emptying out from summer holidays so my hubby started hauling things in trucking up and down the basement steps trip after trip. With that came the need to do laundry, clean up the ever present pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen and laundry to put away from the last wash. The seemingly never ending pile of work suddenly felt like it was alive and I panicked. I felt so overwhelmed with these piles of things to do I felt I was a sinking ship in a vast ocean with no rescue in sight. Having MS has taken away a certain amount of independence and strength that used to make situations like this easier to deal with. I used to like to organize, clean, push stuff around until life was all organized and neat again. Now I have to wait until my hubby has time or my daughter is suddenly hit with a deep desire to help (not likely at 14 years old).

Then to add flame to that smouldering fire, dinner was late and as a result I’m rushing like a madwoman trying to get ready for our concert. Broke my new skull ring in the process of dashing about; hair not styling well; makeup smudging. Finally ready, of course made the mistake of looking in the mirror and decide in my bad mood the outfit I had so looked forward to wearing, looked terrible. I was having an “I’m so fat moment”. Not good timing.

We went to the show, arriving late. It was good and once I was there I felt better but here’s my question to my plus size beauties; What do you do when you are having a “fat moment”?

Thankfully these moment are becoming less frequent in my journey to self love but sometimes in the midst of a difficult day and a bad mood those “fat moments” sneak up on me and before I know it my negative self talk takes over. How do you recover from feelings of being overwhelmed and look at the bright side? 

Sometimes if I’m able to just be alone, sit, breathe, distract myself with a chapter from a book or a favourite TV episode, I can refocus, recharge and snap myself out of it. There wasn’t time for that on Saturday so I had to just go as I was and I tried to not think about what I looked like and just enjoy the show.

Please share your thoughts, ideas, strategies for dealing with stress and the insecurities in one’s self, that moments like this seem to spur in us.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say and try, as I will today to be Pretty, Plus and Proud.

PS – Sorry so pictures. I wasn’t in the mood, lol. I’ll have to wear the outfit again when my day isn’t a disaster!


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