What Would You Tell Your 13 Year Old Self?

At 49 years old I now realize the worries I had at 13 needn’t ever had existed but alas we’re unable to see into the future.

Here’s my letter to me at 13 if she could see it:

Dear Ena:

I know life seems hard now but I promise it will get better. The group of “popular girls” who made fun because you didn’t have the same stylish jeans or bought the wrong kind of “fry” boots, will age the same as you, the same as everyone. They’ll dye their hair to cover the grey and buy creams to try to erase the signs of growing old just like everyone else.

The boys who wouldn’t dance with you because you were fat will grow old and wrinkled just like everyone else and they’ll look back and remember your smile not the size of your body and regret not getting to know you better; regret not dancing with you.

In the night when you cry into your pillow because you feel alone and unloved know that someday the perfect guy will come along and love you because of your curves and he’ll love your inner beauty. He will help you build a home and a little family to love and care for just like you always wanted.

Know that, yes, there will be many difficult days ahead; health problems, deaths and disappointments but you are strong and will get through everything. God will not give you anything you can’t handle for He knows your strength and He’ll be by your side every step of the way. 

You’ll lose friends but you’ll find new ones. Old friends will come and go through time but they’ll be there when you need them.

The things you thought you wanted to do in life may change but someday you will accomplish great things; you’ll influence the hearts and minds of a generation into knowing that it is not the size of your body that is important but the size of your heart.

Love yourself because you are awesome! When you love yourself others will see you’re awesome too! Don’t be afraid to do daring and different things. Be confident, be bold, be Pretty, Plus and Proud!

So Ena, enjoy your youth, don’t worry so much and be reassured that getting older isn’t so bad either!

Love Your Older and Wiser Self In The Year 2015  xxoo

What would you say to your younger self if you could?


2 thoughts on “What Would You Tell Your 13 Year Old Self?

  1. Deanna says:

    I LOVE this Ena!! I would tell myself to push myself beyond my limits; hiding behind the mask of vulnerability breeds self-doubt, distorted thoughts and perpetuates anxiety. Be your true self, love yourself authentically and build a relationship with yourself before anyone else ️xoxo


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