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Happy Wednesday! 

I’ve mentioned before the importance of making a list of things you like about yourself, keeping the list close by and adding to it often. Below are attributes you may not have thought about so look them over and see if any of them are things you can add to your own ever growing, ever evolving list (remember these are the things you like, the good things):

  • curly hair
  • straight hair
  • strong broad shoulders
  • freckles
  • my Mom’s eyes
  • single lidded eyes
  • big eyes
  • interracial features
  • tiny boobs/big boobs/nice boobs
  • being tall
  • being short
  • full lips
  • light skin
  • dark skin
  • clear skin
  • strong legs
  • butt dimples
  • curvy hips

Now here’s for Part 2 of this activity; perhaps the hardest part but it may also prove to be the most empowering part:

Generally when we get together as a group of women we spend a lot of time picking apart our bodies. We talk about feeling jealous of other women; we talk badly about women who seem “full of themselves”.

It seems that as women we have been trained since childhood that it’s not appropriate to love our bodies or at least admit to loving our bodies. Instead we bond over our hatred of our bodies, sympathetically listening to a friend complain about “feeling fat” and chiming in with our own complaint, “Oh, I know how you feel!” Or if we’re given a compliment we often respond with, “Oh thanks but I wish I had your hair/face/skin/butt, etc.”.

So here’s where part 2 of the activity comes in: gather a group of women friends, ask them to make a list of things they like about themselves.Then have everyone share their list. You have just created a community of women talking positively about their bodies. You’ll hear women talking about loving their features that make them unique, special and beautiful!

Whenever you are with friends and negative body image comments creep forward put a stop to them. Be in charge of helping the women in your life feel beautiful and positive about themselves (including yourself). Spread the idea it’s ok to love your body and openly admit to it. Retrain the minds of women and set examples for the little girls in your life that everyone is unique, special and beautiful just as they are. They don’t have to look or be like anyone else. 

Spread the word that it’s ok to be “Pretty, Plus and Proud!”


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