Add A Little Colour To Your Life!

I know everyone has been faced with the following tale:

You go shopping, spot something kind of funky, maybe a bit colourful or it has some quirky pattern that you wouldn’t normally gravitate to but for some reason this little piece is calling your name. You head to the change rooms to give it a try. In the retailer’s mirror it looks fabulous! You love it, swear it’s the most beautiful thing you own, you’ll wear it all the time because you look so darn gorgeous in it!

You buy it, bring it home and hang it in the closet waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it. Suddenly an event pops up and you think of that smart little number hanging in your closet thinking that will be perfect. You do your hair, your makeup, get dressed, add some jewellery and turn to admire your fine self in the mirror but it all falls apart. That cute little top/skirt/dress you thought looked so good at the store suddenly doesn’t seem so good anymore. Your head starts playing games with you saying, “What were you thinking buying something like that? Did you really think you could pull off such an outlandish colour/pattern? Get rid of that immediately! Throw it to the back of the closet so it never sees the light of day again!”

The top that screamed "WEAR ME!"

The top that screamed “WEAR ME!” (Top and jewelry from Addition Elle, Jeans from Forever 21+)

Somewhere between the purchase and the actual wearing of the item we have lost our confidence. We revert back to the black staple colour because after all isn’t that what plus size women should wear so they can look slimmer, perhaps more acceptable in society’s eyes? Why would a “fat” women want to risk standing out, getting noticed wearing bright colours or patterns?

The top in the picture above suffered this fate. I bought it thinking I loved the colours, that it looked good on me in the store’s mirrors. Then I got home and all the self doubt and body shaming comments came to my mind, “It makes you look fat, makes you look shorter, blah, blah, blah!”

Today I looked in my closet searching for something different to wear, something I hadn’t worn in awhile and this top popped out screaming, “Wear me!”. So you know what? I did! When I looked in the mirror today I didn’t see a woman in a top that made her look fat. I saw a woman who looks fabulous in purple and has a spectacular sense of style. I saw a woman confident and bold in her choices of what to wear. I saw a top that will definitely see the light of day again!

I love purple.

I love purple.

What’s in your closet you’ve been afraid to try? What little item have you been eyeing at your favourite store but haven’t had the courage to try? Go for it ladies! Life’s too short to live in black! Add a little colour to your life and be Pretty, Plus and proud!

Purple eyeliner and eyeshadow, berry cheek colour and pink lipstick. All cosmetics from Mary Kay.

Purple eyeliner and eyeshadow, berry cheek colour and pink lipstick. All cosmetics from Mary Kay.


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