Body Image and The Media

When you watch T.V., surf the internet or read fashion magazines, what messages of body image do these forms of media say to you?

My guess is that it may be one or all of the following:

  • Being overweight or having a larger body frame is not okay.
  • It’s not okay to be short.
  • It is normal and more desirable to be tall and slim.
  • Advertisements illustrate the ideal body type.
  • If you have the ideal “fashion model” body type you will be happier and have more fun in life.
  • There will be more opportunities for success both professionally and personally.

I’d like to see these advertising myths be just that; myths not truths!

Is it realistic or even desirable for everyone to achieve the look of advertising models? I say no!. These ads only cause the people watching them to be dissatisfied with their own bodies. Everyone was born with a specific body type and trying to look like most advertising models is not realistic and is often not even healthy physically, mentally or emotionally.

Thankfully, with some plus size models emerging in the fashion industry with retailers like Torrid, Addition Elle and Penningtons, some of these ideals are being challenged.

I think positive body image comes with balance. We should strive to maintain a healthy life style but not knock ourselves down if we skip a day of yoga or eat an ice cream cone.

Being yourself is the ideal! Loving yourself is the ideal! The message about body image you should be listening to is “Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!”.

What are your thoughts or concerns about body image and the media?


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