Body Expression

I’ll start with a quote today, “Your Body Is Not Wrong, Society Is.”

It is up to us plus size gals to fight for this and prove this quote is true. Not fair we have to fight I know but stand up and fight we must! We must be heard, seen, embraced, accepted and given what every other woman on this planet deserves; great clothes! Lol. You thought it would be something deeper, less superficial didn’t you? Yes there are other things more important in life then a nice dress but let’s face it, a nice dress makes us feel better, lifts our spirits and helps our self esteem soar.

Consider these next statements:

  • What we wear can affect how we feel.
  • What we feel can affect our decisions about what to wear.
  • Other people’s opinions to what we wear can affect our feelings.

Let’s think about the first statement: When you take the time to pick out a nice outfit, maybe add a bit of makeup and jewellery, don’t you feel better about yourself? Doesn’t the outfit you put more time into make you feel more attractive, prettier, happier, more confident? When you throw on sweats and a ball cap and go out the door how do you feel? Personally I hope no one sees me. I may be comfy but I also feel a little less confident, a little less attractive.

Now the second statement: If you wake up in the morning feeling out of sorts, maybe still tired, what do you choose to put on? Likely the comfy, less attractive outfit. But is that the right thing to do? Won’t it make you feel worse? Your mood definitely plays heavily on your choice of clothes for the day but next time you wake up on the wrong side of the bed maybe choosing something bright and cheery to wear will also improve your mood.

Now the last statement: When people compliment your outfit how likely are you to wear it again? I’d say the stakes are pretty high that outfit will be at the forefront of your closet waiting to be worn over and over again. When you don’t get compliments or worse yet someone has the audacity to say something negative about what you’re wearing my bet is that outfit will never see the light of day again. Other people’s opinions matter, probably more then they should but alas that is the human condition. However, once you’ve established your style and wear it often the world will catch up to you and you’ll wear that outfit no matter what people think.

Not sure of what your fashion style is? No worries, play around with different styles until you find one that strikes you as “the one”. Bring a friend on a little try on expedition if you feel unconfident in making choices when it comes to clothes. You don’t have to choose the most expensive clothes; there’s lots of great consignment and thrift store options too. Just pick items that fit well with colours that suit you. That’s where a friend’s help comes in handy.

I’ll leave you with this thought, “Be aware of the messages you wish to convey and receive by your clothing choice.” Even if you don’t believe it right away, taking the time to choose a nice outfit tells the world you are a confident woman who believes in her own worth and beauty. If you do that often enough you will come to believe and know it’s true! 

Have a fabulous weekend and don’t forget to Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


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