Body Positive Support Group!

Today I’d like to share with you some of the fabulous things taking place in my Body Positive Support Group.

The idea of a Body Positive Support Group came to me in the summer. I thought to myself there are so many groups for weight loss but there’s nothing out there for the plus size woman who just wants to embrace and love who she is without really changing a thing other then the negative thoughts whirling around in her head about her curves and rolls. Thus my support group idea was born.

I started with a mission statement; a few simple words to remind members of their worth and beauty. “I am beautiful, strong and capable of great things. I am good enough just as I am.” 

From there we shared our stories; how did we get to where we are today, our body shaming experiences and what we want our journey to be from here on out. I encouraged my members to write these stories down and once written say good bye to them. Those stories are our old stories; our past journey. By joining this group we are starting a new story, a new journey of self love.

From meeting to meeting I ask members what experiences good or bad made them stop and think and reevaluate their old negative, self hate thoughts. One member said that whenever her boyfriend said she was beautiful she would negate that. When he complimented her last week she didn’t do that. She thought to herself that if those are his thoughts she had no right to convince him otherwise and if he felt she was beautiful there must be truth to that.

Last week I asked members to think each day of one thing they love about themselves; didn’t have to be physical but certainly could be. I asked them to write one thought for each day of the week so when we meet on Friday we’ll go over our list and hopefully realize that each and everyone one of us has beauty inside and out. It is those thoughts that should consume us not the negative, hateful ones. We should keep the list close to us and add to it often. As we learn to embrace and love ourselves there will be lots of new and surprising things to add to our lists.

While I am not a professional counsellor I hope my experiences, my journey and what I am learning will help others in their journey to being Body Positive. We all deserve to be at peace with our bodies; not always at war hating it and trying to change it.

I hope that by being surrounded by big beautiful women, members will be encouraged to know they are not alone. I hope they can find support, love, courage and most of all acceptance.

What do you think of a support group like this? If there was one in your area would you join? Any ideas for activities?

Until next time Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


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