It’s All In The Eyes Of The Beholder!

Good Morning Pretties!

I overheard a conversation a few days ago when one of the people in the group felt it was necessary to say a very rude comment of a woman working in her garden near where he lived. His comment was pretty much this,”I drove into the driveway and the first thing I had to look at was that fat woman next door bending over showing too much in her shorts and all her cellulite hanging out. How can someone let themselves get that big?”

He caught me by surprise and unfortunately not being part of the conversation I didn’t feel comfortable speaking out. This is actually the second time I’ve overheard this same person feel the need to share his opinion on “fat” people. The last time was on a beach and he commented on a curvy woman in her bathing suit and said she’s brave coming to a beach looking like that (meaning fat).

In my head I’m thinking, “What an ignorant SOB!”. I thought about that woman in the garden and  said to myself, “How wonderful, she’s getting fresh air and exercise and creating a lovely garden, good for her!”. For the woman on the beach I thought, “Good for her, splashing and having fun just like everyone else. She has just as much right to enjoy the beach as anyone!”. I’m a plus size woman so it makes me wonder what he thinks of me (not that I care).

So if you are a curvy girl remember there are ignorant, rude people everywhere ready to spit out an opinion on things that are none of their business or on things they really know nothing about. He asked, “How can someone let themselves get so fat?” Well, you stupid man maybe they didn’t “let” themselves get that way. Maybe they have a medical condition, maybe they’ve struggled with depression, maybe they’re actually healthier then your old body who smoked most of his life! Really, you don’t know anyone’s story so keep your nasty opinions to yourself!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and where he saw fat and ugly I saw beautiful, strong, creative women doing things and enjoying life the way everyone should.

Everyone has an opinion, doesn’t mean you have to listen to it or accept it as fact. Be Pretty, Plus and Proud, standing up to ignorance and body shaming bullies everywhere!

What would you have done? Say something or stay silent? Are people like this worthy of our attention?


4 thoughts on “It’s All In The Eyes Of The Beholder!

  1. Janet baker says:

    This ignorant man hasn’t matured yet. If one of my children ever said that when they were little they certainly would have been spoken to. They are adults today and I know they would never say a rude remark like this.


    • rfdumais says:

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy reading it! Yes, it’s hard to understand how people feel its okay to make comments like that as if they are so perfect! Thanks for reading and leaving your comment! Your support is appreciated!


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