My Happy List

I think that often when we have a negative body image we are allowing all the things in our life we don’t like or aren’t happy about become the focal point of our lives. Our body image controls our lives. 

Our thoughts go in circles; “I don’t have a partner because no one could love my fat self!”; “I don’t have my dream job because no one wants to hire the fat girl!”; “I don’t like travelling because my fat body doesn’t fit in the airplane seats!”.

If we shifted away from using our bodies as a barometer for happiness, we might be happier. Instead we should be thinking and saying to ourselves, “Ok my body is flawed but so what, everyone has flaws. I won’t let it steal my happiness.”

Instead of criticizing myself and creating negative energy, I’m going to shift my focus on the things in my life that make me happy and thus create positive energy. With positive energy you exude confidence; people want to be around you because happiness is contagious.

So with all that being said here’s a list of the things outside my body that make me happy:

  • spending time with my daughter
  • date night with my husband
  • a pretty lipstick color
  • manicures
  • a good haircut
  • reading
  • my dog
  • shopping with my sister
  • color of fall leaves
  • smell of a campfire
  • cool breeze blowing through my window
  • taste of freshly picked strawberries
  • new clothes
  • Christmas lights
  • presents
  • music
  • dinner with friends
  • lilacs
  • chocolate
  • ice cream
  • big hoop earrings
  • writing
  • movies
  • swimming
  • coloring

I could add so many more but then this blog would never end!

So I challenge you today to shift your focus from feeling bad about your body and think of all the blessings in your life that bring you happiness. 

Make a list, keep it close and add to it often. Soon you’ll forget about your body and its flaws. You’ll truly be Pretty, Plus and Proud! 

What makes you happy?


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