My YouTube Obsession!

Are you a YouTube watcher?  

I have to admit I’m a bit obsessed! Of course I love any videos about fashion whether it’s in the form of look books or hauls. However, there are lots of other great videos out there about being body positive, how to build confidence and self esteem as a plus size woman and Q and A topics ranging from dating as a plus size woman, fitness, makeup, modelling, lyposuction, and the list goes on.

Here’s a list about some of my favourite YouTubers/bloggers and a little information about what each of them has to offer. Maybe check them out, you might become obsessed like me!

Loey Lane – With over 70,000 viewers Loey is a force in the plus size world with even a mention in People magazine a few issues back. She received a lot of recognition at that time surrounding her video about Plus size women wearing bikinis. I love her style, her confidence and how she’s changing the world’s views on plus size women one video at at time.

Sarah Rae Vargas – Another vocal plus size advocate in the world of YouTube is Sarah Rae Vargas. She’s open to talking about anything from sex, to kids, to fashion, double chins, cosmetics, jewellery, dating… She’s a straight forward, tell it like it is kind of woman and I like that. No hiding in the shadows for this plus size woman!

ShiCurves – This young lady is very real with her videos. She talks a lot about life as “the fat girl”. She’s a sweet, humble young woman who’s fun to watch. She proves that big girls can have as much fun as any college age girl.

Mandy (I’mFashionablyLate) – Mandy features a lot of “in the dressing room” videos which I like because then you can actually see the clothes on a plus size body. She’s always very cheerful and upbeat. She includes many different retailers of plus size clothing and I think she’s a great role model for plus size women trying to find their way in a predominately “skinny” fashion world.

Alexandra (LearningtoBeFearless) – This young lady is fearless in the topics she chooses to discuss and in the ways she allows her true self be seen.

There are many other great plus size YouTube women worthy to watch, too numerous for me to mention them all. (I hope some day to be one of them). I applaud all those curvy women for the courage to put themselves out there for all the world to see and possibly ridicule or shame. I applaud them for their choice to speak out, for their voices to be heard. They’re choosing to be players in the game of life not to be on the sidelines. Bravo ladies, Bravo!

Do you watch YouTube? Do you have any favourites? 

Take a peek at some of these ladies I’ve mentioned here today and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this beautiful Tuesday being PRETTY, PLUS AND PROUD!


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