A Happy Day!

Happy Friday! Yay, it’s the weekend!

Today I had the pleasure and honour of meeting a lovely lady looking to begin a journey towards self love!

I’m working on starting a Body Positive Support Group and this morning’s meeting was the beginning of what I hope will be something that grows and prospers; a movement that will help women learn to care for, embrace and love everything about themselves! No more self criticism, negativity and self destruction! We deserve more then that! 

I applaud the woman I met today for having the courage to share her story. Together we can continue to learn how to embrace who we are; to inspire; to support; to encourage; to be happy in our own skin. We will learn how to Live and not sit on the side lines waiting for the day we are skinny enough or good enough to participate.

I say everyone is enough right now and life is too short to wait any longer to be a player.


What have you been waiting to do?

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Happy Day!

  1. Janet Baker says:

    I hope this lady finds comfort in being herself. I have never met her but I know she is a beautiful lady who wants to help all the rest of us out there that need to be pretty plus and proud.


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