My Fall Wish List!

Are you ready for Fall?

Autumn is my favourite time of year! I love the colours of the leaves changing, the cooler weather (not a heat person) but most of all I love the fall fashion; cozy sweaters, leggings, skinny jeans, tall boots, moto jackets and the deep jewel colours of the fabrics and patterns that come with the cooler weather.

Before I begin today’s post I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Ivana, without whose help this blog would not exist. Ivana, you know who you are and I love you dearly my friend! You’ve made a dream come true and I’ll never be able to repay you enough for the magic you have performed in getting this blog up and running!

Now for today’s post:

Every Fall I go through my closet, decide what to get rid of, what to keep and what new pieces I might want to get to compliment what I already own. So to plan for a little shopping trip I looked over websites for my favorite stores and made up a wish list. Notice it’s a “wish” list; can’t buy it all but a girl can dream. I’ve listed the items by store,  included the item #,  price and a brief description for each. Hopefully, i can get out to these stores soon and take some pics.


  1. Knit open back pullover sweater – beet red slub knit sweater, item # 10374086, price $44.50
  2. Layered Lace sweater – pink knit pullover with lace peeking out from the hem, item # 10381953, price $48.50
  3. Ex-Boyfriend jean – medium wash with destruction, item # 10326721, price $68.50
  4. Floral sweatshirt – grey background with mandarin colour floral print, item # 10384501, price $44.50
  5. Skull print chiffon sweatshirt – grey with black chiffon  front panel with skull and floral pattern, item # 10384413, price $44.50
  6. Scarf – floral skull oblong scarf, item # 10428244, price $22.50
  7. Bomber jacket – faux leather with shearling lining, item # 10379392, price $98.50
  8. Beanie – skull front beanie 9hat), item # 10371222, price $22.50


  1. Leggings – pixel print, item # 744598, price $40.00
  2. L & L Hooded Toggle Cape – black and white, item # 84335295, price $55.00

Take a virtual shopping trip through my favourite stores and check out my wish list items. Maybe my list will make you think of trying something a little out of your comfort zone. Or maybe you didn’t even know such lovely, stylish clothes existed for “curvy” girls.

What are your favourite items from my list?

What would be on your list? Let me know, send pictures. Maybe you’ll inspire me to try something different! 

Until next time Be Pretty, Plus and Proud!


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