Pleased to meet you – My story

Today I’d like to tell you all a little about myself.

My name is Ena. I am a proud Canadian, plus size, petite woman who has a passion for fashion and all things beauty; not just exterior beauty but developing your inner beauty as well.

My first body shaming experience occurred when I was 13 years old and I’ve been battling my weight and self image ever since.

I find myself currently at a time in my life when I realize that I’ve been searching for something I already am; BEAUTIFUL!

I’m learning to love all my curves, bumps and rolls. I’m learning to love the things this body has done for me. This body brought a child into this world, it’s battled MS, it gives  and receives love, it’s taken care of the sick and celebrated many of life’s good moments.

My body tells my story and it’s an interesting one. I wouldn’t trade it or change it for anything. Love yourselves ladies just the way you are! Your body deserves it! 

Please, share your stories with me!

Mixed bag of brands I'm wearing today: shorts & necklace from Penningtons; tank top & earrings from Addition Elle; cropped sweater from Torrid.

Mixed bag of brands I’m wearing today: shorts & necklace from Penningtons; tank top & earrings from Addition Elle; cropped sweater from Torrid.

8 thoughts on “Pleased to meet you – My story

  1. jennywren7 says:

    I gained weight as a teenager; mix of hormones and genetics. When I moved to London my weight did get out of control and I wad a size 20 which scared me. I have since slimmed down to a size 14 but I’ve learned to be happy with what I’ve got and know that I am beautiful. Your story is inspirational Ena. Love your blog idea. Might post my full story on my blog in near future x


    • rfdumais says:

      Thanks for sharing your story! Congratulations on your weight loss but more importantly I’m happy you’ve found a size you’re comfortable with even though it may not be the size society thinks you should be. Your pictures are beautiful and you are a beautiful plus size woman! Always be bold, be beautiful! Be pretty, plus and proud!

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  2. Janet Baker says:

    Hi Ena. My name is Janet. I struggled with weight since I had my tonsils removed at the age of 7. I am now 60 yrs old and it has taken me all these years to realize I am a beautiful woman, inside
    And out. At the age of 29 I lost 50 lbs and lots of inches. Just can’t seem to do that again. It has taken me many years to realize that I do love myself. Thanks to this website you have created I look forward to many chats and blogs on styles, where to buy, how to apply makeup and hairstyles.

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  3. Deanna says:

    Love it Ena, thank you so much for starting this. I’ve always experienced ups and downs with my weight, the so called “yo-yo” dieter. I think my weight gain occurred as a result of hormones/health concerns/the fact that I love sugar , busy life and emotional eating. Unfortunately, I find that when I have a lot on the go, my health tends to take a place on the back burner. I’ve done weight watchers, Bernstein, Dr. Matta, fit bit and yes, the dreaded gym. I love me and those who are close to me and I am making more of an effort to be healthy as opposed to skinny. Looking forward to the laughs and the support!


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